Women leaders in the church: Go!!!

Maybe you have had a lot of experience with women leaders in the church. Maybe you have never seen a woman pastor. Women are rising in the ranks of leadership in many denominations. Some may ask, “Why is this still an issue?” Some may be ambivalent about gender issues in the world and in the church. Some clearly believe women are not authorized by Scripture to preach and teach.

I believe God created male and female in God’s image. Yet, there are still barriers existing for women in ministry in 2015. These barriers often make it more difficult to pursue one’s call to ministry- even diminishing the opportunities for women pastors to serve fully and freely.

God’s call comes to all people. Stay tuned to hear the stories of women who have heard God’s call and have followed it.

Jodi Hogue is the pastor of Humble Walk Lutheran Church in St. Paul. Interviewed at the Iceland Pastor’s conference, she spoke of the strong support she feels in ministry from her colleagues, congregation, friends, and bishop. She is enthusiastic about her call, while also acknowledging the pay gap for women in ministry.