A Fire in My Bones

Keda Gustave is serious and committed to her call to be a leader in the church. In general, life in Haiti presents many ongoing challenges. While she is not ordained yet, Keda has faced barriers in serving in the church. She said some of the greatest resistance to her leadership in the church has been from other women. While she finds this frustrating, it will not stop her. Her call is clear.

Keda knew about her call when she was ten years old. "My mother told me that I was chosen, but then I didn't understand anything about it or how I would be called to one day study theology." 

Keda Gustave is rare in Haiti, a country where only half of the children go to school. She graduated from high school, then studied business administration and telecommunications. "I couldn't stay at that college because I had a fire in my bones. There was something I needed to do before anything else," she said. 



Keda's seminary training  has come through Haiti Partners, a charitable organization funding education at many levels in Haiti. She is part of the Micah Scholar program. She teaches a new Christians class at her church, as well as teaching children’s Sunday School. She has always been involved in informal counseling, saying she is able to advise people with love.

In the past, Keda worked for the United Nations  to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases.  With a bachelor’s degree in management at Haiti’s state university, her seminary training has put her in a good position to work on behalf of children in Haiti. This is her passion, this is her call. Thanks be to God for Haiti Partners and the donors who have supported Keda in pursuing God's call for her life. 

What a joy and privilege to meet three Micah Scholars in Port-au-Prince!  There were many logistics involved to interview these  seminary students:  transportation for them,  a translator to help us communicate from Creole to English, and trying to avoid the road closures during the turbulent election process. Thanks to Joyce Getchell of Reiser Relief for providing our transportation.